Welcome to Yoga in Wells

Yoga classes for all levels in the beautiful city of Wells, Somerset with Yoga instructors Berit Lindholm and Helen Micklem.


Learn to use the breath to relax your body and mind. In the class we will work on improving your posture and core strength for better back health. The class will always finish with a deep relaxation and a short guided meditation.  The benefits of developing a yoga practice bring flexibility, strength and balance to your body as well as stillness of mind.

Classes for all abilities in the centre of Wells, Somerset.


I now offer both outdoor yoga and yoga classes on Zoom. Please contact me for details.

The following classes are suspended during the pandemic. I have eight friendly drop in classes a week to choose from held at Wells Sport and Fitness Centre, Elim Connect Centre and in the Wells Town Hall. Please see the Classes page for details.


11 thoughts on “Welcome to Yoga in Wells

    1. Hi Tanya, yes of course you can join us! Do you mean the 1 pm class or the 5.45 pm class? Please try to come five minutes early so we have time for a chat.

      Best wishes,


  1. Hi

    I’m wondering if it would be okay to come to the Thursday evening session at 17:50? Im quite new to yoga but keen to learn!

    Many thanks


  2. As summer approaches I find it difficult to attend a regular classes. Is it possible to drop in to any suitable class when home?


    1. I am interested in joining in the class Yoga for the stiff and terrified starting onTues September10th. Would you have any room in that class for a beginner?

      Peta Watson


  3. Hi I’m interested in the chair yoga on a Monday at 4pm. Can you please send me more details thanks


    1. Hi Norma, thank you for your interest. My idea with this class is to help people to get into a routine to practice some simple stretching coordinated with the breath to improve flexibility and strength. My Mum who is 80 years old and will also attend this class as she is isolating! We will also do some breathing exercises that can improve focus and help insomnia. If you are interested I will send you the Zoom link on Monday. Please share this information if you know anyone that you think would benefit. This 30 minutes class is free during this pandemic. Kind wishes from Berit.


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