Christmas Newsletter


I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for 2017 and a special thank you to Helen Micklem for all the quality teaching and help.

I’m going to Sweden this Friday so no yoga on the 15th and 18th of December but I will be back to teach both the lunchtime and evening classes on Tuesday the 19th December which will be the last day of teaching for this year.

All classes are going well with good numbers so we will continue exactly as before next year and all classes will start again on Monday the 8th of January 2018.

I always like to share my love for yoga with friends and people in the community so please find below some inspiring words about Yoga.

Spread the Light

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra teaches that the only person you can change is yourself; your practice is to create change from within by clearing your mind, connecting with your true Self, and acting from a place of wisdom. But the beauty of this seemingly “selfish” practice is that when you do your inner work, others around you, particularly those you are closest to, experience the positive effects of your work firsthand.

Our loved ones are often inspired by the positive changes they see in us to start their own yoga practice. As you continue with your practice, you can inspire others on the path of yoga, creating a community, or sangha, of support and encouragement. What better way to create positive change in the world than through your own quiet powerful example?

Yoga teacher Lisa Reakes has very kindly offered to help out and teach if Helen or I are away. I’m very grateful for her offer and you will enjoy learning from Lisa. Please find below her introduction:

I graduated from the Harmony Yoga teacher training course over three years ago. Since then I have developed my own personal practice which has enabled me to progress and grow not only in yoga but in life. Like many students, before that I attended yoga classes as an introduction.

I mainly currently teach one-to-one classes which work around my commitment to my family. However, I have taught Vinyasa Krama classes and like to include some yoga philosophy to work alongside the asana practice, pranayama and meditation so that students come to a deeper understanding of why or how we practice.

I am first and foremost a practitioner: I normally practice around three times per week and I perform a daily ritual. I also study some yoga philosophy daily. I am nourished by my practice and try to convey my enthusiasm for Vinyasa Krama yoga to my students.

Helen and I wish you all a Peaceful Christmas and looking forward to continue teaching you Yoga in 2018.

Blessings from Berit

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