About me


I have been practising Iyengar and Hatha yoga for the last 20 years and my first introduction of Vinyasa Krama was in winter 2012 when Steve Brandon led an introductory Vinyasa Krama Yoga course. I immediately fell in love with the logical, intelligent system of Vinyasa Krama Yoga and I have thoroughly enjoyed the teacher training course.


Vinyasa Krama Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training Certificate.

I have completed training on the Teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and Yoga Therapy with Srivatsa Ramaswami.

The Art of ViniYoga with Ranju Roy

Your Yoga Class

Your yoga class will be taught in the Vinyasa Krama tradition. You will learn to master essential parameters & sequences including posture modifications appropriate for your individual needs.
The benefits of developing a yoga practice bring flexibility, strength and balance to your body as well as stillness of mind.

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