I recently took up yoga again after an absence of many years.  Berit had written a article in the Wells Journal and this spurred me on to return to yoga. Do not be under the misapprehension that yoga is only for young, bendy people! I was neither young nor bendy when I began some 3 … Continue reading Rosalyn W

Rosalyn W

As one of Berit’s more mature students (I’ve had my bus pass for some years now) I feel very strongly that it is vitally important to remain fit and flexible as one grows older.  With a family history of osteoporosis, I am particularly conscious that yoga with its many weight-bearing and back-strengthening asanas is a … Continue reading Lis L

Lis L

I only started yoga with Berit about three years ago and what a difference it has made. My body is much stronger and more flexible. I am over 50 and for the first time in my life my upper body became strong enough for me to do a head stand. It is really reassuring knowing … Continue reading Bernie


My weekly yoga class with Berit is an important and necessary part of my week. With the stress and rush of juggling work and other elements of life, yoga is an opportunity for me to put all that aside and allow time just for me. Berit’s classes are both challenging and relaxing – there is enough communication … Continue reading Woody R

Woody R

Yoga has given me so much, physical and mental control of my life. It has allowed me to recover from life threatening illness and cope as a carer. Berit is skilful in her teachings, kind, supportive and oh how I wish I had found yoga long ago.

Lyn Knight